WOMEN: Torchbearers and Pillars of Hope

Towards Achieving the 2030 Global Goals (SDGs)

22 - 23 March 2018
Java Ballroom, Hotel Millennium Sirih
Jakarta, Indonesia





Wadah Foundation would like to thank every one of you who shared your time and presence with us and the amazing speakers at the
Wadah Global Gathering 2018. We hope you had an amazing experience as we listened to the stories of the inspiring women from
different parts of the world, doing all they can to help their community.


“Women: Torchbearers and Pillars of Hope"
towards achieving the 2030 Global Goals

The third Wadah Global Gathering is About women leaders who are working courageously and tirelessly to address the challenges confronting their societies, cultures and habitats. 

This Wadah Global Gathering gives voice to women from across the globe. Our audience of influential, forward thinking humanitarians have the power to motivate not only people, but nations, to take action. 

We invite you to be our partner in creating change. By honoring the endeavors of our heroines with your support at the Wadah Global Gathering, you share in the telling of their story. Wadah believes that we are all vitally connected--the land, the people, all living things--a holistic worldview that focuses on our intrinsic connections, as well as those of our ancestors.

It was a great opportunity to be a part of the unfolding of history for these amazing women from Haiti, India, Nepal, Malaysia, Philippines & Indonesia and we learned how their small deeds can help the world achieve its 2030 Global Goals.

If you have ever wanted to make a difference in the lives of others, the Wadah Global Gathering is the place to be.





Like the energy from the sun, when harnessed, the power of women is limitless. Understanding the importance of addressing their specific needs - the solutions are as unique as the people and their communities. Strength and sacrifice are needed on a daily basis as they take the long view in making that vision a reality.

We will learn how these determined women use their power to educate, heal, imagine, create and nurture.  It is clear that one of our greatest natural resources is WOMEN POWER

SDG #1 & 2: No Poverty and Zero Hunger

1.) Estrellita Verenio (Philippines)
2.) Goma Devi Chapagai (Bhutan)
3.) Zakiyah "Kiky" Samal (Indonesia)
4.) Sonam Lahmo (Bhutan)
5.) Imelda "Gem" Simbulan (Philippines)


Passion For Learning.png


Dreams, wishes and aspirations are fulfilled through education. Often, with scarce resources and little support, these women persevere with fierce determination and a loving heart to educate themselves and others. Our heroines dedicate their lives to the quest for knowledge for all - in hopes of making the world a better place. They take this compassion and turn it into PASSION FOR LEARNING

SDG #4: Quality Education

1.) Pushpa Madhwal (India)
2.) Kalpana Das (India)
3.) Sonia Stephen (Malaysia)
4.) Kiswanti (Indonesia)



Every life has value. Time and again, in the face of adversity, these women address the health and well- being of their communities. Whether caring for a newborn baby, or an aging family member, in all of life’s seasons, their currency is compassion, skill and fortitude. What they provide is more valuable than silver and gold, they provide health and HEALTH IS WEALTH

SDG #3: Good Health and Well-Being

1.) Rachel De Fretes (Indonesia)
2.) Witnowati (Indonesia)
3.) Bernadette Philogene (Haiti)


Far from the hustle and bustle of city life, these resilient women dwell and thrive in far-flung places, where the moon and the stars are their only light at night. They, too, have hopes and dreams for their families and burning desires to improve their communities. Acknowledging that geography creates challenges that some would consider insurmountable, these creative thinkers find a way to work in harmony with their environment.

They are women whose hardships and challenges are not barriers to their success. They are the WOMEN FROM AFAR!

SDG #5 & 7: 'Affordable and Clean Energy' and Gender Equality

1.) Sumitra Tamang (Nepal)
2.) Sita Lohani (Nepal)
3.) Rasmi (Indonesia)
4.) Dominggas de Jesus (Indonesia)


Babli Kalha

Congratulations Wadah! I want to congratulate and appreciate all the hard work and diligent effort that you had put into the success of WGG.It was persistent hard work and research that has given a fruitful

result. It was total team work and it was shining through all our activities and it showed the true spirit of Wadah way of doing things-truly consultative, collaborative and inclusive.

Over the years I have observed WGG as a bridge builder, who is building bridges between people, between races, between cultures between politics. Trying to find common ground to help each other ,to share knowledge and experiences with each other ,and how to strengthen and encourage each other so that many problems which partner organisations face can be dealt with new ideas.

I believe that unless we meet and exchange our views and encourage each other. lt is very difficult to provide dignity to humanity.

Once again thank you Wadah for organising WGG and honouring those individuals who are tirelessly working to free people and communities from oppression, marginalisation and pain. Proud and Prouder.

Mary Beth Lopresti

As the Wadah Foundation's official representative at the United Nations (UN), I was eager to attend the Wadah Global Gathering to learn about the progress being made toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It was a unique opportunity to see the impact that these amazing women are having on their communities in working toward these goals. I look forward to sharing their stories with other NGOs at the UN in upcoming sessions.

Nathalie Bellosat

My impressions on the last March WGG . It started with the presen- tation of Wadah’s heroes at the Millennium Hotel in Jakarta where we had the opportunity to listen to their extraordinary work and were able to participate in workshop sessions with them discussing on crucial topics.

Few days later, when we visited the Wadah communities I realized that the work and achievements of the heroes who spoke at the Gathering were actually beyond what they described.

The people I met in Kupang for example are real life warriors and achieved unmeasurable work in a very short period of time like creating roads and installing electricity in very remote areas and are difficult to access.

Few days before that, Mr Hashim Djojohadikusumo mentioned that the works of the people in the communities are so huge that the assistance that we extend seems to be very minute or almost nothing. But they are able to do much because of their dedication and unity.

To conclude, I felt that when I returned home I need to spread the Wadah spirit, values, and understand it. I believe that it is inevitable and mandatory for everyone to see by ourselves the communities on the ground to understand the process and in which sense we could contribute to the blossoming of Wadah. We could bring lots to Wadah but Wadah can also bring a lot into our lives.

I will never forget the time I had meeting the extraordinary women who were honored at the 2018 WGG. I was moved by the inclusiveness of Wadah which values and supports everyone’s work, no matter one’s station in life. It was a joy meeting new friends and learning about how their inspirational efforts are making a difference in the world. Til we meet again!

Mary McLaughlin

Thelma Victorio

Congratulations to Ibu Anie, Bpk Alfred Torno and Ibu Tyas and all the dedicated workers of Wadah Foundation. Thank you for inviting us to your Wadah Global Gathering. What you have done for the past ten years are amazing, the women who spoke about their experiences are inspirations, and aspirations that can convince and compel the attendees that each one Can.

We feel very lucky and blessed to have been invited and be part of this mile- stone of Wadah. We are thankful for you to allow us to do a small contribution for its success. Long live Wadah!

Choo Hin Lim

I was in awe of the sharing by the grassroot leaders' endeavours. Madam Dominggas De Jesus, an illiterate stoic granny, who went on to become the village's Solar Panel Technician.  She stayed on overseas to complete the course despite losing her husband to illness.  Now she is extending her services to the surrounding villages;  Madam Kiswanti, who received her basic education through window peeking n school when lessons were taught, went on to convert her residence as library and after-school activities centre and conducted classes, computer programs for the young and youth; Madam Christina Ferreros who rendered innumerous help to villagers and the poor at disaster-prone areas.  In fact, gynecology services in the absence of the operating theatre facilities were rendered (to the count of thousands
cases) in the midst of massive flooding and disasters.  Amazing feats!

Also, the candid discussion by various grassroots organizations at the workshop on their on-going efforts to achieve the UN ECOSOC Sustainable
Development Goals is a positive sign that Wadah Foundation is heading in the right direction with its people!  Kudos to the Wadah team! 

Thank you Wadah for delivering WGG 2018.  It was a humbling experience for me.